What Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need to Know?

When your car starts making a strange noise or something doesn’t feel quite right, you head to your favorite Kingsley or Traverse City auto repair shop – Auto Tech. While the repair technician is a reliable professional that you can trust to examine, diagnose, and repair your car, it is helpful if you communicate the problem as best as you can. Knowing how to tell your mechanic what is wrong with your car will save you both time and money on necessary repairs.

Unusual Sensations There are many components to driving a car. You drive your car every day, and therefore you know your vehicle better than anyone else, even the auto repair shop that you always use for repairs and maintenance. As such, it is important to observe and communicate any unusual sensations that you notice while driving your car. Odors, sounds, shaking, and leaks can all signal a problem within your vehicle. Let your mechanic know if you notice any of these things.

Change in Drivability Sometimes, drivers notice that their car simply doesn’t “feel” right, so they bring it to an auto repair shop in Traverse City or Kingsley for a tune up. This is a smart thing to do. Unusual vibrations, changes in acceleration, hesitation on startup, or even a change in gas mileage can indicate problems.  Changes in handling, turning, and braking are also worrisome. It is important to tell your mechanic if you notice any of these things.

Note the Characteristics of the Problem When it comes to talking to your mechanic about issues that you are experiencing with your vehicle, you need to be able to describe what is happening in detail. Let them know when the problem first began. Tell the auto repair shop technician whether the problem happens constantly, or if you only notice it sporadically. Does the noise, leak, or shaking seem to coincide with certain speeds, acceleration, or turning? Does the problem seem to go away once the motor has had time to warm up? If so, let your mechanic know. All of this information can provide clues and insight as to what repairs might be necessary.

Once you have brought your car to Auto Tech’s Kingsley or Traverse City auto repair shop and have spoken to a technician, you can relax. Your vehicle is in good hands. The experienced mechanics at Auto Tech will have your vehicle repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible, for a fair price.