Signs You Need New Brakes

If you notice any of these signs it's time to visit Auto Tech auto repair in Kingsley.




Your vehicle’s brakes are vital to your safety. After all, what good is acceleration if you cannot stop when you need to? The braking system on your car needs routine care and maintenance. This is not only important for the proper functioning of your vehicle, but also for the safety of yourself and others on the road. So how can you tell when it is time to head to an auto repair shop for brake repair? Here are some tips.



You May Need to Visit Your Auto Repair Traverse City or Kingsley Shop if:

Your Brakes are Less Responsive

If you notice that your vehicle is hesitant to slow down or brake, or if you need to push your brake pedal further into the floor in order for the brake system to respond, you likely need to head to a trusted auto repair shop. In addition to worn pads, lack of responsiveness can indicate an air or fluid leak within the braking system itself, but it’s impossible to know for sure without a careful inspection.


You Hear a Grinding Sound

A telltale sign that you need new brakes is a growling sound when you press on the brake pedal. The sound of metal grounding against metal indicates that your brake pads are worn down. It is important that you have the brake pads replaced quickly. When the metal of your brakes rubs on your vehicle’s rotors, it can cause uneven wear and damage. You can save yourself a lot of money by having your brake pads replaced as soon as you hear a suspicious noise.


If You Feel Vibration When Driving

If you notice that your vehicle is no longer driving smoothly, it could indicate a problem with your brakes or rotors. A vibrating sensation while driving is often caused by warped or damaged rotors. The damage can be caused by worn out brake pads, or driving a vehicle that is out of alignment. If you feel vibration when driving or when stopping, take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair Traverse City or Kingsley shop for an inspection.


Your Vehicle Veers While Braking

If your vehicle seems to pull to the left or the right while braking, you likely have a problem with the braking system. This type of symptom often indicates a problem with the system’s brake fluid. It can also signal that your vehicle is out of alignment, causing your brake pads to wear unevenly. Have your vehicle inspected.

Your brakes are crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle and should only be trusted to a certified technician with current experience and proper equipment. For example take caution in relying on Traverse City auto repair technicians that are moonlighting on the side. Your safety and the safety of others is far too important to cut corners when it comes to brake work. Contact Auto Tech for experienced auto repair in Traverse City and Kingsley today for a complete brake analysis and, repairs if needed.