Auto Tech of Kingsley Explains Brake Repair

Have you ever felt like your Traverse City auto repair specialist may as well be speaking Greek when he’s explaining the brake repairs that you need?

Take 10 minutes to learn the basics about automotive brake systems now and you’ll be able to follow the next conversation about your brakes and be confident you’re making the best decisions regarding your brake repair and maintenance.


Brake Repair for Safety


How Brakes Work

Okay, you know that brakes make your vehicle stop. But how do they do that?

Automotive engineering is impressive, transferring the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal and applying it evenly to stop something as big (or bigger) than a car or truck. This happens by applying the principles of leverage, hydraulics, and friction.

In modern vehicles, when you step on the brake pedal, you activate a cylinder. This cylinder uses brake fluid to get the calipers to engage the brake pads. The brake pads are crucial to stopping your vehicle because they apply pressure to the rotors and that friction is what stops the automobile.


Decoding the Terminology

So we’ve told you about all the different components in the brake system that help you stop safely. But what does each part actually do?

  • Cylinder – This part is compressed by a piston and sends brake fluid into the brake hoses.
  • Brake fluid – This is crucial to the brake system’s operation. When you step on the brake, brake fluid travels through a brake hose to the calipers that will in turn activate the brake pads. The brake fluid distributes energy to all the essential parts that will stop your vehicle. Without adequate brake fluid, your brakes won’t work well or they might not work at all.
  • Calipers – These parts apply pressure to the brake pads so that they in turn will cause enough friction to stop the rotors from turning. To work properly, the calipers need brake fluid.
  • Brake pads – These parts contact the rotors and cause friction to stop them from spinning, which stops the vehicle.
  • Rotor – These parts rotate or spin, turning the tires.


Brake Repair and Inspections

Having a brake system that operates well is essential to your safety on the roads. If you experience anything unusual when you brake, get your vehicle inspected by an experienced and trusted automotive repair shop like Auto Tech. Often catching smaller issues early ensures your safety while saving you money on brake repairs.


If you’re brakes are working properly that great, but don’t forget to have regularly scheduled inspections as advised by your owner’s manual.

You can rely on Auto Tech, located in Kingsley and Traverse City for brake repair and automotive repair services. Our highly trained staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have. Stop in to see us at one of our auto repair shops conveniently located in the Traverse area or call us today.