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You may be wondering if the cost to repair your car is better than simply purchasing a new one. While this answer will widely depend upon your budget, the damage to your current car, and the price of repairs, this article will explain the benefits of deciding to simply take your car to an auto repair shop. Below is some food for thought. Before you decide to invest your hard earned cash in a new car take it to Auto Tech, the leading Kingsley and Traverse City auto repair shop to get all of your options.


Purchasing a New Car


When you decide to buy a new car there is a tedious process that you must go through before you can just drive off the lot. Drivers will need to have:

  • Financing options – unless you have cold hard cash, you will need to figure out what your options are for financing the car. There will be paperwork in your future.
  • Great credit rating – if you don’t have a great credit history you may have a more difficult time finding lenders that will finance you at a decent interest rate. Most of the time, higher risk auto loans mean the borrower will end up paying high interest rates, which can get really costly and could lead to you owing more than the vehicle is worth.
  • A sizeable down payment – yes, there are options out there that will allow you to put zero money down, but as stated before, if consumers have less than perfect credit, the odds of being eligible for zero money down is unlikely. Therefore, buyers must be prepared to pay anywhere from 5% and more to purchase a new vehicle.
  • Full Coverage Insurance – sometimes consumers cut back on insurance as a way to save money. With a new car, you will have to obtain full coverage insurance, which could mean a significant hike in your monthly bills.



Getting Your Car Repaired


Deciding to get your car repaired is the alternative to the costly option of purchasing a new car. There is no paperwork required, your credit history does not matter, and whatever insurance you have on your car currently will suffice. In many cases when significant repairs are made on the engine or transmission of a vehicle for example, they will last for the years to come.  You are making an investment in your vehicle that will help to preserve or increase its value and providing yourself with reliable transportation without the headache of more debt.

There are times of course when it’s better to just walk away from a failing vehicle and invest in something new. In order to make an educated decision you’ll want to tak

e your vehicle to Auto Tech, either the Kingsley or Traverse City auto repair shop will do. Share your challenges with us and we’ll help you make the right choice.


Worried about costs? At Auto tech, we will evaluate and diagnose the problem and give you an estimate on the cost of all repairs. Customers are able to develop a repair and maintenance schedule that works within their budget.


When getting your car repaired, trust Auto Tech to provide quality auto repair services in the Traverse City and Kingsley areas. For more information on the best options for car repairs contact one of our service writers today (888)942-6008.



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