Clutch and Transmission Repairs

AutoTech is the leading transmission repair company in Traverse City and Kingsley, MI. Cyril Baker, owner and founder of AutoTech, has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in both clutch and transmission repairs. As an expert in his field, it is not surprising that Mr. Baker receives many questions from customers, as well as fellow mechanics regarding the ins and outs of transmission and clutch repairs. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions received by the knowledgeable team at AutoTech.  

How often should my clutch need to be replaced?  

On new vehicles, the clutch often lasts for around 100,000 miles. If your vehicle is older or has higher miles, or if you routinely abuse your clutch, this can be reduced to 50,000 miles. It is important to know the signs that your vehicle’s clutch may be slipping and to bring your vehicle in to have it checked.  

Can I change my vehicle’s clutch myself?  

Many people want to save money by replacing their clutch themselves. However, without direct transmission experience and the proper tools, replacing a clutch at home can cause a lot more damage than it is worth. Bring your vehicle to a professional instead.

What are some signs that my transmission may be in need of service?  

Problems with your vehicle’s clutch or transmission should not be ignored. If you notice any of these signs that your vehicle may be in need of service, contact a transmission repair company in Kingsley or Traverse City right away. Signs may include:  

• Delayed shifting of gears
• Fluid leakage
• Gear or transmission slipping
• Operation at high RPMs
• Abnormal noises
• Shuttering and shaking when driving at high speeds
• Decreased performance
• Increased temperature
• Abrupt shifts
• Decreased fuel efficiency  

What types of repairs are most common?  

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of its hardest working parts. Routine care and maintenance is the key to keeping the system in good functioning order and maintaining optimal efficiency. The most common types of transmission repairs seen at AutoTech in Kingsley and Traverse City, Michigan are clutch and leak repairs.  

Clutch and transmission repairs are best left to the professionals. If your vehicle is not running well or if you think that it is need of repair, contact the professionals at Auto Tech and visit their transmission repair shops in either Traverse City or Kingsley today.