Professional Auto Repair Kingsley

Signs That You Are Dealing With a Professional

When it comes to auto care and repair, it is important that you deal with a professional auto repair shop. We have all heard stories about auto repair shops making unnecessary repairs, failing to resolve mechanical issues and failing to install the correct parts or installing them improperly. Although these technicians may have the best of intentions the results render unnecessary expenses and malfunctioning, sometimes even unsafe vehicles. When it comes to auto repair Traverse City is fortunate to have a variety of options.  The challenge becomes how do you know if you are dealing with a professional Traverse City auto repair shop?

Here are some signs that you are working with a professional, experienced auto repair shop.


Comprehensive Service Offerings

A professional will employ multiple technicians with a wealth of experience. As such, they will be able to offer a comprehensive list of repairs. A shop should be able to handle everything from routine oil changes and break inspections, to full transmission replacements and motor repairs.


Trained, Professional Staff

The staff should focus not only on repairing and maintaining your vehicle, but also on providing quality customer service. You should be greeted with a smile and spoken to in terms that a layperson can understand. Communication and service are of the utmost importance.


Use of Quality Parts

A professional will have working relationships with auto parts dealers and local retailers. This allows the shop to provide their customers with high quality parts that they need in order to repair and maintain their vehicles. While many repair shops offer customers various part options to suit their budget, these parts should all be new and from quality, dependable manufacturers.


Repairs Completed as Promised

If an auto repair shop gives you the run around and your repairs are not completed in a timely manner as promised, you should look elsewhere. A quality, expert will work hard to maintain a schedule and meet their promised delivery times. If a delay happens, either due to additional work or delayed part delivery, the staff should contact the customer immediately to discuss the delay.


No Surprise Charges

Professional repair shops have set fees. The staff should be able to provide a customer with a quote for both parts and repairs. The final invoice should reflect that quote. Additional charges that were not discussed previously should not be included on your invoice.

It is important that you receive vehicle repairs and maintenance at a quality, professional repair shop. Auto Tech in Traverse City, Michigan, is known for its professional staff and timely, dependable repairs. Contact them today for professional auto repair in Traverse City and Kingsley.