Oil Changes - Hidden Costs of Delays

Traverse City oil change service providers are always busy, and for good reason. Regular oil changes are the best way to keep your car in proper working order. Too often, vehicle owners avoid oil changes to save themselves the hassle and expense of the service. This can result in expensive repairs. Vehicle owners do not realize the hidden costs of delayed oil changes until it is too late.    

Proper Lubrication

The oil in your vehicle acts as lubrication for the thousands of moving parts found throughout your vehicle’s engine and power train. Lubrication keeps these parts moving properly so that they can perform their job within the vehicle’s system. Without the lubrication of motor oil, these parts experience unnecessary friction, causing performance problems, excessive wear and tear, and eventually, damage.  

Clean Oil is Effective Oil

As part of an oil change service, a technician drains all of the old, used, dirty oil from your vehicle and replaces it with clean oil. This is very important. Clean oil is far more effective at providing your vehicle with the lubrication that it needs to run properly. Dirty oil can cause build up between engine components, and keep the vehicle from functioning properly. It can also cause clogs, increase component friction, and lead to serious engine damage.  

Reduced Engine Performance

One of the first things that should be considered is when the last oil change was performed. Routine oil changes are the key to quality vehicle performance. Without this type of routine care and maintenance, engine performance will be reduced and the vehicle will not run as well. Vehicle owners that neglect regularly scheduled oil changes often notice that their car is slow to accelerate, has problems shifting gears, or is otherwise not running smoothly.  

Engine Damage

Clean oil and proper oil changes are important in protecting your vehicle’s engine from costly damage. Routine oil changes protect the components of your engine from excessive wear and damage. Visit an oil change service in Traverse City as directed in order to avoid expensive repairs in the future.      

Your mechanic is the first line of defense against costly repairs to your vehicle. Be sure to visit Auto Tech in Traverse City for oil change services as directed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. A qualified technician like those at AutoTech can change your oil, inspect your vehicle, and ensure that everything is in proper working order before you hit the road again.