Kingsley Oil Change FAQ's

For years we have helped drivers in Northern Michigan with automotive repairs and services. Auto Tech staff members at the Kingsley location are often asked questions about oil changes.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked oil change questions:


How often do I need to get an oil change?


The prevailing advice in the automotive repair industry is that you should change your vehicle’s oil every three months or every 3,000 miles – whichever comes first, but the reality is that this is just an estimate and can differ depending on your vehicle, the oil you use and your driving habits. You can check your vehicle’s owner manual to see if the manufacturer has different specifications for your vehicle or speak with an auto repair specialist at Auto Tech for more details.


Why do I need regular oil changes?


Changing your oil regularly is important to keep your engine performing well. Over time the oil in your vehicle becomes contaminated with moisture and other debris. Dirty oil does not provide optimal lubrication and can lead to engine damage.

Things like idling excessively, driving in extreme temperatures or hauling weight are considered severe driving conditions that will possibly require an oil change more frequently than what’s recommended by the manufacturer.  Even if you don’t haul a boat or let your vehicle idle for long periods, living in the Traverse City area means that your car is likely subjected to extreme temperatures.  Northern Michigan winter nights that reach below 10 F° and hot summer days above 90°F can really wreak havoc on your oil.  Just one more reason why it’s a good idea to have your oil checked and changed by an experienced, qualified auto technician. 


How long does an oil change take?


Oil changes are not complicated and usually take about 30 minutes. You can just walk in to our Traverse City or Kingsley auto repair shop and ask for an oil change, but if time is a factor it never hurts to book an appointment so you can stay on schedule.


How often do I need a new air filter?


Air filters need to be replaced when they are dirty and no longer effective. Typically vehicles need a new air filter every 30,000 miles or so – unless there are other mechanical issues that are causing the filter to become dirty more quickly.


An honest automotive repair shop will have no problem with showing you your air filter so you can see for yourself if it is dirty enough to warrant replacement.


Is a mineral oil always better?


There are benefits to both mineral and synthetic oils, but really, you need to use the type of oil that your owner’s manual specifies for your vehicle. The exception would be if the temperature where you live requires a different grade of oil for your vehicle to operate optimally (heavier oils for warmer climates and lighter for colder). If you are interested in learning more, Popular Mechanics a science and technology magazine discusses this topic in a lot more detail on their website.


What’s the difference between a certified mechanic and a quick oil change place?


Most quick-change oil places don’t employ certified mechanics and they have been criticized for up-selling customers for parts and extras that aren’t required. Another consideration is that a trustworthy, certified mechanic is going to ensure that the oil and filter and other parts are the ones specified for your vehicle. Quick-change oil places are focused on serving the masses and they may use something generic that fits, but isn’t the best for your vehicle. This could lead to damage and require repairs later.


If you take your vehicle to a reliable automotive shop like Auto Tech you can rest assured that our team is focused on building a trusting long-term relationship, not high pressure sales. You will also feel better knowing that only certified technicians will service your vehicle taking care to follow your manufacturers recommendations and that if there are any maintenance issues identified during the oil change they will be identified and brought to your attention.


Drivers in Northern Michigan have been turning to Auto Tech a trusted Traverse City automotive repair shop for reliable auto repair services and maintenance, including oil changes for over 20 years. We’ve earned our reputation for quality work at good prices one customer at a time.


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