Oil Change Kingsley - Avoid Oil Change Rip Offs


It is essential that you properly maintain your vehicles in order to keep them running in tip-top shape. You already know, it is imperative to have basic preventative maintenance such as a regularly scheduled oil change. While we might not relish the idea of going to the auto repair shop, neglecting to do so can cause excess wear on your engine and develop into serious problems, which is why it’s important to follow your manufacturers recommendations and go to only trusted Kingsley or Traverse City oil change shops.


Traverse City Oil Change


Even though we all agree that oil changes are a necessity, they sometimes get a bad rap.  Some frustrated auto owners even claim that oil changes are a rip off. In reality they are very valuable, but in every industry there are companies that meet less than the highest standards.  Here are some red flags to look for when you choose a Traverse City oil change service provider.


Dirt Cheap Prices Do Not Equal Savings

You drive around and see signs for cheap oil changes. While it might seem as though this is a steal of a deal, low price does not always equate to quality. Many of these “Quick” Traverse City oil change locations don’t employ certified mechanics and they have been criticized for upselling customers to buy parts and services that they don’t need. The primary focus is also on selling the masses, which means less need to establish a trusted relationship and less time spent with your vehicle.


All Oil is Not Created Equally

Don’t let a mechanic put just any type of oil into your car. Using the wrong grade of oil could damage your engine resulting in the need for costly repairs. There are different grades, brands, and qualities of oils. While basic grades might seem more affordable expense, in the long run, your car will notice the difference.


“Quick” Service is Not Always Convenient Service

Again, no one wants to sit in the repair shop for hours waiting for his or her car to be serviced. However, the idea of having an oil change done in minutes is something quite alarming. Fast or quick service offered in the Traverse City area could mean more room for error. Instead, look for professionals that are going to take their time in servicing your car and get quality service instead of mistakes caused by focusing on quick service.


Don’t trust your oil changes to just anyone. At Auto Tech in Traverse City and Kingsley, MI a certified mechanic will service your vehicle.  If needed a new, premium filter will be properly installed.  Your car will receive quality oil. We will check your antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluids and more. We also check belts, coolants, tire wear, and vehicle suspension. We will inflate your tires if needed, check for leaking fluids and grease all greasable suspension and drive train parts.

Call 888-942-6008 for a quality Kingsley or Traverse City oil change at Auto Tech.