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Engine Tune Ups Traverse City & Kingsley 


 If you need an engine tune up, Traverse City and Kingsley, MI are two places you can go for quality tune ups by experienced Auto Tech auto repair technicians. If you are like most people, visiting an auto repair shop is not at the top of your “want” to do list but you know that if you neglect proper maintenance and timely repairs now, you may be forced to have your vehicle towed to a Traverse City auto repair shop for extensive repairs later.


Though skipping a visit to a Traverse City auto repair shop may be tempting, in the long run, it often ends up costing you more time and more money than it would have if you had just scheduled your regular engine tune up. Vehicles need regular maintenance in order to operate at optimal levels and remain in good running condition. Minor problems with your car’s electrical systems, transmission, or engine can be repaired before they become expensive issues. However, you must learn to recognize the fact that your engine needs a tune up before there’s extensive damage.


Your vehicle often signals that maintenance is needed, long before it will no longer run. It is your job to be vigilant. If you notice any of these signs of trouble, contact your trusted Auto Tech technicians and have your vehicle assessed as soon as possible.

  • Difficulty Starting - One of the most common signs of trouble is difficulty starting. If your vehicle struggles to turn over, it may signal a problem with your starter or alternator.
  • Stalling - Likewise, if your vehicle starts, but stalls while running, it signals either an electrical or mechanical problem within your engine. These problems need to be addressed the first time they occur.
  • Sounds Rough - Many drivers notice that their vehicle is “running rough.” Your car may struggle to accelerate, or you may notice that it idles higher than normal when stopped with the engine running. Often times, engine tune-ups can take care of both of these issues before they become a major mechanical problem.
  • Warning Lights - Be mindful of your vehicle’s dashboard. Modern cars are equipped with symbols that alert drivers to necessary vehicle maintenance. Do not ignore these symbols. If your “Check Engine Soon” light comes on, do just that – have your engine checked soon by an experienced northern MI Auto Tech mechanic.


You would never hesitate to take your car to a Traverse City auto repair shop for an oil change or to have brake pads replaced. You know that these things are key to proper vehicle maintenance. Your trusted technicians at Auto Tech want you to be aware that when you are ready for engine tune-ups, Traverse City and Kingsley are Auto Tech locations that provide engine tune-ups to help avoid costly motor repairs in the future. Call (888)942-6008 and schedule your next tune up today.


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