DIY Transmission Repair Disadvantages | Auto Repair

You may be considering attempting your own vehicle repairs in an effort to save money. While it is true that auto repair bills can be hefty, most people find that their expense – and their frustration – is only increased by attempting “do it yourself” auto repair on a system as complex as the transmission. Changing your own wiper blades and oil is fine. However, when it comes to big jobs, like transmission repair, it is best to leave the work to the Kingsley and Traverse City auto repair service professionals at Auto Tech.

Need for Complex Tools

Many home garages simply do not have the tools and equipment necessary to tackle a complex job like repairing a vehicle transmission. Basic tools, like impact wrenches and pliers will not do the trick, and investing in the tooling that you need to do this type of work will likely cost more than having the work done with one of Traverse City’s auto repair services.

Damage to Other Components

Accessing and repairing a vehicle’s transmission is difficult, and often involves the removal of other engine components. Too often, amateur mechanics find that they damage other important and expensive engine components while trying to repair their transmission. This not only makes the job more difficult, but also makes it more costly. In these instances, would-be mechanics often end up heading to a Traverse City auto repair service in the end, in order to have multiple vehicle systems repaired.

Voiding Your Drive-Train Warranty

This is an important consideration for those whose vehicles may still be under warranty. In nearly all instances, the performance of DIY or unlicensed repairs can void a vehicle’s warranty. Many vehicle owners attempt to do their own repairs and find that they do not have the skills and equipment necessary to complete the job, and so they have their vehicle towed to a licensed repair shop, only to find that their attempts at repairing the vehicle have voided the warranty. This is an expensive lesson to learn.

Moonlighting Auto Repair

Perhaps you're a friend or acquaintance has offered to repair your transmission. The same drawbacks apply.  It's likely that someone moonlighting in auto repair does not have adequate experience, access to the correct tools or their training is not current. By working with a trusted auto repair shop for your transmission repair you will avoid unnecessary risks. 

Proper maintenance and care can often fend off many major problems before they happen. However, if your transmission needs repair or replacement, we can help. Our Kingsley and Traverse City auto repair specialists are experienced and certified in transmission repair.  Contact us today for a quote.