Community, Family & Auto Repair

Community and Family are at the heart of this Kingsley auto repair shop.

For over two decades Auto Tech has provided quality auto repair and transmission services in Kingsley and Traverse City, MI, building a solid reputation for quality work and excellent customer service at a fair price.


What you may not know is that the staff at Auto Tech is passionate about more than vehicles. We believe that community and family involvement are an integral part of good business and strive to use Auto Tech as a vehicle to help make a difference in our Northern Michigan community. 


Last fall Auto Tech partnered with Orchard Church to offer single parents a free oil change over two weekends, one weekend at each of the Traverse City and Kingsley auto repair shops. We were thrilled to service 62 vehicles over the two weekends. Helping single mothers and fathers save a bit on auto maintenance with a quality oil change. Topping it off with a free car interior vacuuming, winter vehicle inspection, refreshments and activities for the kids was just the icing on the cake.


Auto Tech also sponsored Winter Inspection Days to benefit Goodwill Industries. Knowing that our work is helping our neighbors stay a little safer on the winter roads while benefiting a quality organization is very rewarding. Our partnerships with organizations like Goodwill Industries make it easier to give back.


Perhaps our favorite way to put our resources at Auto Tech to work for the community is to invest time helping students from the TBA Career Tech Center, Northwestern Michigan College and Child & Family Services learn about the automotive repair business through job shadowing opportunities at Auto Tech. Working with students that are eager to learn and as interested in auto repair as we are is an adventure. Knowing that we are teaching them skills that will help them find employment some day gives our work purpose.


To fully understand the philosophy behind Auto Tech you need to know a little about the owners behind it. Auto Tech is heavily involved in the Traverse City and Kingsley area, because owners Cyril and Nadine Baker embrace contribution as one of their core values. This belief is also evident outside of their auto repair business.


The Baker’s have been active as foster parents for nearly 35 years. Nadine works for Catholic Charities West Michigan, specializing in licensing and adoptions. She and Cyril have fostered more children than they can count, making a real difference in the lives of Northern Michigan children in crisis, as you can read in this article from 2012.


The Auto Tech team also has had members on the Automotive Technical Program Advisory Board at Northwestern Michigan College, TBAISD Career Tech Center Business Advisory Committee and Automotive Service Association.


To stay posted on Auto Tech community involvement in the Traverse City and Kingsley area, check out our Auto Tech Traverse City Facebook page where you will get updates on current events, specials and features. Also, we would love to hear your feedback, please contact us if you have any ideas on how we can continue to make a bigger impact in this great community.