Common Auto Repair DIY Mistakes

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If you try to save money by performing car maintenance and repair by yourself, you are not alone. Millions of Americans attempt this feat each and every week. For some, they find success. Others, however, soon recognize that they are in over their heads and they need to call their auto repair shop for assistance. For many, however, they end up doing more damage to their car than intended, and it ends up costing them a lot more time and money than if they had received professional vehicle care in the first place. You can learn from their mistakes. Here are a few of the common Traverse City auto repair DIY mistakes that we see.


Skipping Oil Changes

Many people avoid bringing their vehicle to a Traverse City auto repair shop for an oil change. They claim not to have the time or the money to receive proper oil changes. Some attempt to change their own oil others just continue driving as they always have. Either way, this can be a very costly mistake. Routine oil changes are imperative to the proper lubrication and functioning of your vehicle’s motor components. If you know how to change your oil and check your filter properly then this is a good DIY option. Make sure to check your owner’s manual before getting started. Also, don’t forget you will still want to bring your vehicle in for an annual inspection so we can get it up in the air and identify any developing issues before they become dangerous or cause significant damage.   


Ignoring Problems

Be mindful of signs and symptoms that may indicate a problem. If you notice strange noises, such as grinding or whistling, or if your vehicle is slow to start, accelerate, or stop, it is time to have it examined by a professional repair technician. Ignoring the problem and continuing to drive your vehicle until it becomes inoperable is not only dangerous but an expensive mistake as well.


Improper Diagnostics

Too often, vehicle vigilantes believe that they know what is wrong with their car. They diagnose their vehicle’s problem and take steps to repair it, only to realize that their car is running worse than before the “repairs.” Do not make this costly mistake. It’s often a significant savings to go to an experienced auto repair shop like Auto Tech for a proper diagnostic exam. An experienced technician will use computer diagnostic scanners and physical inspection in order to assess the condition of your vehicle and determine what repairs need to be made. Auto Tech Kingsley and Traverse City auto repair technicians are proud that we are often able to save customers money by identifying inexpensive faulty components that may have gone unnoticed and resulted in an unnecessary replacement of an expensive part.


If your vehicle is in need of inspection, repair or maintenance, consider visiting the Traverse City auto repair technicians at Auto Tech we have the experience needed and are motivated to earn your business for a lifetime.