Brake Repair Costs

Brake repair costs are not the same for different makes and models.


Brake repair costs are not consistent across different makes and models. The parts and labor required can also vary for the same make and model of vehicle if they have varying degrees of wear or damage. Naturally, the cost is dependent on the specific parts that need to be replaced as well as the cost of labor charged by the brake repair shop.


Fortunately brake pads alone are rather inexpensive, but if you need new rotors and pads, or drums and shoes you will need to invest more into your vehicle. If the caliper slides and pins need to be replaced, again, that will also increase the cost. You need to have your vehicle’s brake system inspected by a reliable Traverse City area auto repair shop and get a quote for the repairs required.

Be Pound Wise

Remember the old adage of caution not to be penny wise and pound-foolish? This sage advice is really important to remember when it comes to brake repairs.

Most of us are continually looking for ways to stretch our budgets, but brake repairs are best caught early. If your brakes are squealing, squeaking, grinding or groaning, don’t put off getting your vehicle to a trusted automotive repair shop because if you let the problem go long enough you could put yourself and others in danger, not to mention what may have once been a simple brake pad replacement may now require more intensive labor and expensive parts.

If you are looking to save money you need to have your brakes assessed and repaired sooner rather than later or you are risking having to pay more in the long run.

You Get What You Pay For

Some people try to cut corners and get the best deal for every service, but it isn’t a good idea to do this with brake repairs. Occasionally you can find shops that advertise brake repair for as low as $99. Unfortunately, after you read the fine print you may discover you’re not getting the best parts and most comprehensive brake service with these bottom of the barrel bargains.


Find an automotive repair shop you trust and get the best value for your dollar. Brake rotors and drums on today’s vehicles don’t usually last any longer than the brake pads and shoes. In the old days your mechanic could resurface or turn brake rotors to extend the life of your braking system, but this is no longer considered beneficial or economical.

Best Brake Repair

For quality brake repair, you should look for a complete brake job. This should include replacing the rotors and pads for disc-style brakes or the drums and shoes for drum-style brakes, as well as the stainless steel hardware and retaining clips.

Always ask to see if the automotive repair shop uses quality parts, which come with warranties, and ensure that they will properly clean and lubricate the caliper slides and pins – an important detail that is often not included in a discount brake job.

When you are looking for the safest and best value for your brake repair go to Auto Tech in Traverse City or Kingsley. Auto Tech services all makes and models, foreign and domestic, with cutting edge diagnostic equipment and software. Our extensive experience and top quality parts also give us the confidence to fully warranty all of our work. Stop in or call to speak with one of our experienced technicians.