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What to vehicle inspections include and when do you need one?

MDOT requires that several types of commercial vehicles have regularly scheduled professional inspections.  However, even if a vehicle inspection is not required for your personal transportation, there are several times when a professional inspection can save you money, time and frustration while keeping you safer.


Times to have a vehicle inspection:


Winter Inspections: Considering the frigid temperatures and sometimes dangerous driving conditions in northern Michigan, it is always an excellent idea to have your vehicle inspected before the winter weather arrives. If you have not had a winter inspection yet, it's not too late. The experienced technicians at Auto Tech in Traverse City and Kingsley can check your starter, alternator, ignition and battery as well as other critical systems to significantly reduce your chances of being stranded in the cold.


Used Vehicle Inspections: Many people buy used vehicles to save money and avoid paying for the vehicle deprecation that happens when you drive a new automobile off the lot. However, if you are considering buying a previously owned vehicle, it is important to have a trusted Traverse City area auto repair technician conduct a complete inspection to make sure you are not purchasing a vehicle with a long list of unknown issues. If issues are identified and you still want to purchase the vehicle your knowledge provides you with more leverage to negotiate a fair price.


Commercial Vehicle Inspections


Limousine and Motor Bus Inspections: MDOT require that limo’s, motor coaches, and commercial passenger vehicles have inspections regularly to ensure safety. If you are late in getting your inspection and it expires, you will be charged a $500 late inspection fee by MDOT.


Safety Inspections: The number of commercial vehicles on the road seems to be increasing each and every day. It is important to make sure that all vehicles on the road are in good repair and safe, regardless of whether it is a commercial or private vehicle. This cuts down on costly repairs, reduces injuries associated with accidents and stalls, and decreases emissions and pollutants released into the atmosphere by our vehicles.


Contact a trusted Traverse City auto repair shop like Auto Tech of Traverse City and Kingsley today to schedule a complete auto inspection of your commercial or private use vehicle.