Auto Repair Kingsley MI | Power Steering FAQs

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Your vehicle’s power steering system is an important component of its overall function. It is also likely a feature that you take for granted. Not too long ago, vehicles were not commonly equipped with power steering, however we have quickly adjusted to responsive, easy to maneuver modern vehicles.  Unexpectedly losing your power steering would likely be a shock and should it happen suddenly on loose gravel, wet or snowy roads it may give you a bit of an unwanted adrenalin rush. Here are some common questions that the auto repair Traverse City and Kingsley MI specialists hear from clients about their power steering.  

Does my vehicle’s power steering system require routine maintenance?

Yes. As with all vehicle systems, routine maintenance is essential to the proper function of a vehicle’s power steering system. It is most important that power steering fluid levels be checked on a regular basis, to make sure that there isn’t a leak. Although some Traverse City auto repair shops may push for a power-steering fluid flush this is often not required by the owner’s manual and therefore not necessary.  

I hear a groan or whining noise when I turn the steering wheel.  What should I do?

Power steering “groan” or “whine” when turning the wheel is the most common power steering symptom and is often the first indicator that your system is in need of a check up.  Call Auto Tech’s Kingsley or Traverse City auto repair shop to set up an appointment to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.  

My car is not steering well. Could I have a leak in my power steering system?

It’s possible. Power steering fluid is essential to the smooth operation of the steering system in the vehicle. If fluid is leaking from the system, there is no lubrication for the system components, which can make the car less responsive or even difficult to turn. Contact AutoTech at either the Traverse City or Kingsley auto repair shop location to have the system evaluated and, if necessary, repaired.  

Can I save money by using a leak stop product to repair my system?

Stop leak products, which are typically used to stop slow leaks in air tubes, such as tires, should not be used in your vehicle’s power steering system. The reason is that these products cause all of the rubber in the system to swell and expand. Not only does this not stop the leak, which often occurs at a connection point within the system, but these products can easily cause additional damage to the system itself. It is best to seek the guidance of a trusted auto repair shop as soon as possible.  

What if my power steering fails? Will I lose control of my vehicle?

Even if the power steering system fails, you should be able to control and steer your vehicle. You will notice that steering your vehicle is a difficult task, which requires manual manipulation of the steering wheel and a lot of force, as compared to a vehicle in which the power steering system is in operating order. If the power steering fails suddenly in poor driving conditions or on a road with sharp corners this could make maneuvering your vehicle challenging, but you will still be able to steer it.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this important drive train system or suspect that your vehicle may need repair, contact AutoTech, a leading Kingsley and Traverse City auto repair shop serving the northern Michigan area since 1991. Feel free to email us your questions or call (888) 942-6008.