Auto Repair Kingsley MI - Fuel Injection FAQs

At Auto Tech of northern MI you can receive Kingsley auto repair services for your fuel injection system and any other issues you may be having with your vehicle.

As the name suggests, the fuel injection system is charged with supplying atomized fuel directly to the cylinders of an internal combustion engine, like the one found in your vehicle. When a fuel injection system is not working properly, the engine does not receive adequate levels of fuel and ceases to function properly. It is important to bring your vehicle to Auto Tech for regular vehicle inspections in order to identify any systems in need of maintenance before problems develop into expensive repairs.

What type of damage is most common to a fuel injector system?

The most common problem that we see at our Kingsley auto repair shops is fuel injector clogs. These clogs often occur at the fuel inlet, as a result of dirt and residue build up from standard fueling. Clogs also occur at the discharge outlet, as a result of rust, condensation, or carbon imbalance. If clogs are caught early, a simple system flush and cleaning will be all that is necessary to get your vehicle running smoothly once again.

How can I maintain my fuel injection system at home?

It is advisable to visit a auto repair shop such at least once a year to have your fuel injection system inspected and cleaned as necessary. To keep things simple you can have it done during your annual inspection. In between visits, however, you can use a commercial gas tank additive twice a year in order to reduce build up in the system and to keep the fuel flowing properly through your vehicle.

How can I tell if my fuel injection system needs servicing?

This is a good question to ask, because many people avoid visiting our shop until they have a major problem. In general, your fuel injection system may need servicing if you notice decreased gas mileage and an increase in fuel consumption. Additionally, if your vehicle fails an emissions test, it could be due to a problem with the fuel injection system. Problems with drivability, including rough idle, difficult start, hesitation upon pressing the gas pedal, and poor performance can all indicate a problem with your vehicle’s fuel injection system.

Don’t wait to have your vehicle serviced. Minor problems with your vehicle’s fuel injection system can be repaired easily and affordably at our Kingsley auto repair shop. Call (888) 942-6008 today to schedule a complete inspection of your vehicle or share any particular concerns.