Auto Repair Kingsley Diagnostics

How Auto Tech of northern MI, Auto Repair Kingsley Technicians Use Diagnostics

Technological advancements make all aspects of our lives easier. This has proven true for Auto Tech, the leading auto repair shop in Traverse City and Kingsley. In addition to using the latest technology and tools in order to assess, diagnose, and repair your vehicle, the experienced Auto Tech auto repair Traverse City and Kingsley technicians rely on the proven accuracy of diagnostic scanning to help determine the cause of problems with vehicles of all types.


Everyone has heard of automotive diagnostic scanning. Nearly every place that provides auto repair and maintenance services makes use of this invaluable tool. Diagnostic scanners can be found in repair shops, automotive parts stores, and even dealerships. Technicians recognize and utilize this important and reliable tool when performing vehicle care.


So what makes automotive diagnostic scanning so important? It allows technicians to work with the vehicle’s own electrical system in order to determine what is wrong with the vehicle. When the electrical system detects an issue, it creates an alert. These alerts are translated into codes, which are stored in a computer component in the vehicle’s computer system.


When you bring your vehicle to Auto Tech, northern MI premiere auto repair shop in Traverse City or Kingsley, a technician will connect a scanner to your vehicle’s computer system in order to retrieve and translate these codes. From there, the experienced technician uses the codes as an indicator in order to closely examine specific systems and determine what is wrong with your vehicle so they can make the appropriate repairs. In layman’s terms diagnostic software is effective at telling you what isn’t working in your vehicle but not necessarily why. In auto supply stores the staff may rely on the diagnostic code alone, which can lead to very expensive and unnecessary repairs. At Auto Tech, however, we use diagnostic screening as a tool. Along with a complete physical and visual exam of the vehicle, we use this information to determine the cause of your vehicle’s problems. In some cases, this means that your vehicle is in need of significant repair. In other cases, however, it simply means that an inexpensive sensor in your vehicle’s electrical system needs to be replaced.


It is important that you rely on an experienced auto repair shop to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  Tools, including diagnostic scanners, are only as good as the technicians that use them. At Auto Tech, auto repair Traverse City and Kingsley we have fully updated diagnostic scanners able to work with even the latest models paired with experienced technicians looking to earn your customer loyalty for a lifetime. We will be able to fully examine your vehicle, determine the problem, and work with you to fix it in a timely and affordable manner. Contact Auto Tech auto repair, Traverse City or Kingsley locations today.