Transmission: Repair or Replace | Kingsley MI Area

Transmissions explained by your northern MI Auto Tech experts at Kingsley locations.

Forget to be or not to be, when it comes to transmission repair the question is rebuild or replace? When you experience problems with your vehicle’s transmission, you need to seek out the expert advice of a trusted specialist.


Transmission repairs, rebuilds & replacement


Many different things can go wrong in a transmission, which arguably performs the most complicated task of any engine system. There are two types of parts in every transmission that can experience damage or wear out:


“Soft” parts in the transmission – These include seals, O-rings, gaskets, bands, clutch components, filters and valves. These parts will become damaged or worn out over time.


“Hard” parts in the transmission – These more durable parts are things like the transmission casing, drums, shafts, gears, converters and pumps. The “hard” parts do not break or wear out as often as the “soft” parts do. 


Minor repairs are, for obvious reasons, much easier on the budget than major overhauls. If you have transmission problems that require a few repairs a rebuild may be the best option, although the price can increase depending on the complexity of the repairs required and how long the labor will take.


At Auto Tech will not ask to remove and dismantle the transmission until the computers and fluid have been ruled out as probable causes. 


During the inspection the technician may find that additional parts require replacement making the job more of a rebuild than just a few minor repairs. If this is the case the cost of repairs will increase.


Making the decision


When deciding to rebuild or replace your transmission, seek the expert advice of a transmission repair specialist you trust.


A transmission repair specialist will identify symptoms of the problem during a test drive, run diagnostic tests and physically inspect the transmission before providing advice and a repair estimate.


For quality and fully warranted work in the Kingsley and Traverse City, MI area, consult the automotive and transmission repair specialists at Auto Tech. Our solid reputation for customer satisfaction is based on 22 years of efficiency, reliability and trust.