Auto Repair & Engine Tune Ups

Engine tune up advice from your Kingsley MI auto repair technicians. 



Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to optimal performance and vehicle longevity. All too often, vehicle owners wait until their car or truck has broken down to contact their mechanic. The experienced technicians here at Auto Tech encourage you to have an annual tune up to avoid expensive engine repairs and other unnecessary damage in the future. If you want to protect your investment and keep your car running for years to come, it is imperative that you see to it that your car receives routine engine tune-ups to help you avoid expensive engine repairs. Head to Auto Tech, your Kingsley auto repair shop, at least once a year in order to give your vehicle a thorough inspection, engine tune-up and any needed repairs.



The vehicles that are routinely examined by our Kingsley auto repair technicians are subject to less down time and far fewer maintenance bills than those that we do not maintain regularly. You might be wondering what is involved in an Auto Tech engine tune up. You can rest assured that Auto Tech is one of the top Kingsley area auto repair shops, and our service is top notch. We begin by examining your car’s mechanical components, including the tires, breaks, engine, and transmission. If any components need repair or replacing, we take care of those repairs in house. An Auto Tech engine tune-up also includes a thorough check of the ignition components, which can be overlooked by other less experienced mechanics.


The next part of our engine tune-ups is to examine your vehicle’s electrical system. In modern vehicles, many aspects of the vehicle’s function are related directly to the electrical system, as well as the mechanical systems themselves. This means that an electrical problem within your car can have far reaching ramifications. Our technicians have years of experience in examining, analyzing, and repairing vehicle electric systems. We have the tools that are necessary to test not only the wires themselves, but also the sensors that are located throughout the vehicle. Identifying an inoperable sensor can save you from making a significant investment in replacing an expensive mechanical component when it’s really the sensor that is to blame.


Before your car leaves our shop, we will ensure that we have identified and informed you of any concerns and get your vehicle in good  working order. Protect your investment in your vehicle by calling Auto Tech’s Kingsley auto repair shop today at (888)942-6008 to schedule your engine tune-up.