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Kingsley MI auto repair experts from north MI Auto Tech explain diagnostics 

Technological advances have transformed the way that we do things. From communicating with others to listening to music to repairing engines, computers and technology make doing daily tasks faster and easier. The same is true for auto repairs. Auto Tech, leading the industry in auto repair, Kingsley takes advantage of the availability of check engine diagnostics in order to make your vehicle repairs faster, accurate, and affordable.


What are Check Engine Diagnostics?

The term ‘computer diagnostics’ or ‘check engine diagnostics’ is used to refer to  specialized computer programs  and alerts that are used to notify drivers and mechanics to issues that are taking place within a vehicle’s operating systems. The system works with both the mechanical and electrical components of a vehicle.  Modern vehicles are equipped with electronic control systems that constantly scan and assess the quality of each operating system within the vehicle. When the systems detect an error, they trigger a Diagnostic Trouble Code, or DTC. Computer diagnostics systems are designed to identify these codes and trained auto repair technicians are trained to interpret them and narrow down the possible issues to identify the root of the problem.


How Do They Work?

Diagnostic trouble codes cause system alerts to be signaled to the driver, most often through light up icons on a vehicle’s dashboard. When the driver takes the vehicle to their Kingsley auto repair company, the technician uses a specialized computer program, known as a scanner, to obtain the diagnostic trouble codes. This task is accomplished quickly and easily by connecting the scanner to the vehicle’s Diagnostic Link Connector, which is found within the vehicle’s instrument panel. Each code has its own specific meaning, and an experienced technician is then able to translate the code and determine what repairs need to be made.



How is the Information Utilized?


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The diagnostic trouble code is a useful tool when diagnosing a vehicle’s problems. However, it is not the only tool that a repair technician will use. After using computer diagnostics to obtain and interpret the code, the technician will expand upon that information by performing visual and mechanical assessments in order to determine the cause of the problem. In some cases, the DTC will signify that a particular component needs replacement. In other cases, it is a separate system error, or even a problem with the electronic control system, that has triggered the alert. In either case, an experienced auto repair technician will perform a thorough assessment of the vehicle and make all of the necessary repairs, to include resetting the DTC after the repairs are complete.

If you are in need of check engine diagnostics in Kingsley stop in to see the experienced auto repair specialists at Auto Tech. We have completely up to date check engine diagnostics and experience allows us to use the information to physically inspect the faulty system in your car and identify the root of the problem. Since we specialize in complex electrical systems we are often able to identify less expensive faulty electrical components and replace them instead of just assuming you need an expensive mechanical component.  Contact our Kingsley auto repair shop today. 


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