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Transmission talk from your northern MI auto repair experts in Kingsley. 

If your transmission is not working properly or has failed, there are some factors to consider as you decide whether to repair, replace or rebuild it.  The transmission is the most complex part of any vehicle’s engine, responsible for shifting gears either automatically or manually. The transmission is always in use, converting the high rotational speed of the engine into lower speeds for starting, and then from low speeds to higher when the driver accelerates and so forth. Due to the complexity and constant use of transmissions, they do exhibit signs of wear and tear over time as well as require ongoing monitoring of the transmission fluid and other components. Here's some information about the potential costs of transmission repair, in Traverse City and Kingsley, MI.


How much should a transmission repair, replacement or rebuild cost in the Kingsley area?


It is not possible to put a generic price on fixing a transmission because every repair job is unique to the vehicle and the damage done to the particular transmission that needs repair.


Some repairs might be simple fixes that don’t require a lot of labor and only a few parts; if repairs are caught early the expense will likely be minimal although the costs will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. 


For more serious transmission problems, a rebuild may be necessary. Fortunately, if a few new parts will fix what’s wrong there may be no need for a transmission replacement. A typical rebuild may take a few days as the transmission is removed, inspected, cleaned and damaged parts are replaced. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the parts that are being replaced the cost of a transmission rebuild could vary drastically. 


Occasionally a transmission has very serious issues requiring a complete overhaul that would exceed the cost of a full transmission replacement. A full transmission replacement is one of the most expensive vehicle repairs.


Since transmission problems can be so variable, it makes sense to find a reliable and trustworthy automotive repair shop to give you an honest quote for your transmission repairs.


What you need to know


Transmissions can fail in hundreds of ways and the symptoms of an ailing transmission are just as numerous, which is why it is hard to put a dollar amount on any repair before an experienced technician has assessed the vehicle.



You need to know that the auto repair shop you work with can properly assess your vehicle and trust that they will treat you fairly. Here are some things to consider:



What is the reputation of the automotive repair shop? Consider how long the business has been operating and then look at reviews by their customers – testimonials and online reviews can be particularly helpful.


Is the staff experienced and qualified? You have every right as a customer to know that you are doing business with skilled automotive technicians. Is the technician working on your vehicle certified in transmission repair?


Does the technician have experience with your type and model of vehicle? It’s not a good sign if the technicians at the auto repair shop are unfamiliar with your vehicle make and model. Having experience with your type of car or truck will help them to properly diagnose and remedy any transmission issues you may be experiencing.


What kind of warranty do they offer for repairs and service? Reliable service usually comes with a guarantee of some kind. Ask if the auto repair shop will offer you a warranty if you hire them and what the warranty would cover.



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