Auto Heating and Cooling Repairs FAQ's

Tips from your Kingsley MI auto repair specialists.

What does the vehicle heating and cooling system do?  

The heating and cooling system is a very important vehicle component, and it’s not about passenger comfort. Rather, the system is designed to maintain proper engine temperature, which simultaneously keeps the engine from overheating while allowing it to warm up quickly so that it functions as efficiently as possible.  

How does the system work?  

The heating and cooling system works by passing a liquid, known as coolant consisting of antifreeze and water through pipes in the engine. As the liquid passes, it absorbs heat, cooling the engine. It then passes through an internal radiator, which transfers the heat away from the liquid and releases it into the exterior environment.  

How is the system regulated?  

A component known as the thermostat is responsible for regulating the heating and cooling of the vehicle’s engine. The thermostat is located between a vehicle’s engine and radiator. Unlike your home’s thermostat, your vehicle’s thermostat is a spring valve. It remains closed while the engine is warming up, and then opens when necessary to release coolant into the system.  

What is antifreeze?  

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is the liquid that runs through the vehicle’s heating and cooling system. Like the name suggests, the substance helps to regulate the temperature of the engine to reduce the likelihood of the engine freezing in cold weather. It also releases the heat that is generated by the engine in order to prevent the engine from overheating and becoming damaged.  

Can I fix this system on my own?

It is always recommended that vehicle owners consult a professional when addressing leaks, radiator, or thermostat issues within their vehicle. Visit Auto Tech auto repair in Kingsley today for proper preventative maintenance with a quality technician that can prevent damages resulting in extensive necessary repairs.