Auto Drivability Problems

Signs you may need to visit a Kingsley MI auto repair technician.

It's not a matter of it, its a matter of when. You are in your car, driving along worry-free, when all of a sudden something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s a shake or a rattle that you haven’t heard before. Whatever it is, your car isn’t driving as well as it has or you have lost confidence in the vehicle handling. When you encounter problems such as these, which are known to mechanics as drivability problems, the first thing you need to do is visit Auto Tech, the auto repair experts in Kingsley.


Check Engine

One of the earliest signs of a drivability problem may occur even before your car shows a single symptom. This often happens in the form of a “Check Engine” light that appears on the vehicle’s dash. In fact, the most common auto repair request in Kingsley pertains to the appearance of this telling light. The check engine light can signal problems that are occurring within the vehicle’s components. It can also signal a simple sensor malfunction that needs to be addressed. There are over 1,000 potential triggers for the check engine light, the experienced technicians at Auto Tech can properly access the cause of the light.


Common Drivability Problems

Your check engine soon light may not illuminate before you notice some issues with your vehicle’s drivability. Some of the most common drivability problems occur at start up. Often times, drivers notice that their car is hesitant to start, or that they experience a hard start, wherein the engine grinds and the RPMs soar. Rough idle, erratic idle, stalling, and hesitation during acceleration are also common auto repair concerns seen by the professionals at Auto Tech. Even if your vehicle’s engine is functioning fine, you may notice decreased fuel economy. All of these are considered drivability concerns and should be addressed as soon as possible.


Drivability Diagnostics

Drivability diagnostics is the process that auto repair professionals in Kingsley, MI use to assess the cause of the vehicle’s problems. Computer diagnostics information in conjunction with manual assessment is very valuable especially for newer vehicles. Older vehicles require a manual assessment, which is no problem for the expert mechanics at Auto Tech. No matter what is causing the issue, the professionals at Auto Tech can assess the problem and complete the necessary repairs to get you back on the road again.